The princess in the oasis

After my first year at university, I gave myself a goal to get back into reading books. I admit, the last books I properly read was my A Level books, sad but true #studentlife. So that I did, for the first few weeks, I started reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline! I often find myself spoiling the end whenever I talk about books to people but I’ll try not to. In short, it’s a sci-fi story about a virtual reality called OASIS.

The main character Wade spends all his time on this video game (reminds me of how I was before when I was addicted to Star Legends) to escape the harsh reality of the corrupted world. If you’re really into old school video games, you’ll really enjoy this book with a lot of references to them along with easter eggs in the game (in the story) and in the book (like literally.)

“Whenever I saw the sun, I reminded myself that I was looking at a star. One of over a hundred billion in our galaxy. A galaxy that was just one of billions of other galaxies in the observable universe. This helped me keep things in perspective.”

The next book, or books by Marissa Meyer got me so hooked in the story that I read them all in under a week! It’s a twisted fairy tale series called “The Lunar Chronicles” with each book titled after famous fairy tale faces. The first book, Cinder – based on the story of Cinderella but Cinder is half robot mechanic working in New Beijing. The story follows a fire-coloured hair girl called Scarlett who wears a red hood to match her hair – based on Little Red Riding Hood. The third book is based on Rapunzel, with a girl (Cress) who is a damsel in distress stuck up a satellite… not exactly a tower but there you go.

All the books link really well and have such a book gripping story that I can’t recommend them enough! It’s hard to not spoil the story so far as I type this with excitement.

The fourth and final book is yet to come out and the title is sort of a shift away from the theme throughout the series, in my opinion, seeing as it’s called “Winter” I don’t know any fairy tales that have an ice cold main character… Unless it’s based after Frozen which is actually likely seeing as there’s a lot of sisterly conflicts? Ah, I’ll never know until I read it – which I’m really excited about if you haven’t already noticed the excitement in this post!!

The Lunar Chronicles
I actually read these on my Kindle so don’t have an Instagram-worthy picture of them but here are the amazing covers of the 3 books, with alternative covers underneath which are equally awesome!

I have tried so hard to really keep it all mysterious and not ruin the stories for you all because I promise you it’s such a great read! The last book I read was (finally) the fault in our stars and you all probably know a lot about it already if not read it (way before me because I didn’t catch up with the hype until a week ago) I’m currently reading this light hearted book by Caitlin Moran, “How to be a woman” it’s really interesting and is a definite steer away from my usual fantasy stories. What books have you read recently? Have you read any of the books above?

Happy reading!


P.S. Behold excitement overload – as I was browsing images for this blog post, I stumbled upon this beautiful art of the main characters from The Lunar Chronicles. It portrays them really well and exactly how I pictured them in my head. Done by the talented artist lostie815!

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  1. OMG! I was reading through your 1st posts on the blog and I landed on you reading one of my favorite ever series!

    I dont know if u still love it, but i recently picked up Cinder to reread and i still love as much as I did back in the day!

    1. OMG! That’s fantastic! I honestly loved this series. I might even read it again 😍 Nice to know someone else is a fan!

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