Always covalently bonded

I usually am very busy during the week with my part time jobs and/or working on university-related things. But, I managed to have some time off this week and spent some quality time with my non-identical twin sister. Although it was a little chilly, we spent a lot of time in town shopping and just spending some quality time together which is really rare because of how busy my life has gotten!

We aren’t as close as I’d like to be or as we should be – just because of how we are totally different from each other despite being twins. Also, I really think the differences in our timetables in our lives ever since we graduated from school distanced us. So it is nice to have some time in our hectic lives to strengthen bonds with people, especially family.

My sister – Gemmalyn (it’s pronounced as Gemma-lin) – loves taking photos, she’s such a great photographer and at one point was looking at a career in photography (definitely the arty side of the family.) As we spent time together, she helped me take some photos of me for my blog (a subtle OOTD post) Some came out so lovely but I’m the queen of derp-ness when it comes to posing so she always tries to take me off guard which usually results in nicer shots.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 17.01.06
Outfit details: Black turtleneck from River Island, A-line denim skirt from Depop, Aztec cardigan from Firetrap, Doc Martens from Schuh, Beige suede bag from River Island.

As you can see, we did do a lot of shopping – I got some new stuff for university (which I am SO hyped about after seeing my lecture-filled timetable – hurry up!!), clothes and gifts (for parents). For lunch, we managed to grab ourselves a cheeky Nandos; spicy chicken with spicy rice with spicy sauce all over it is my fave though I do feel superly dehydrated after it and end up chugging down water for the rest of the day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 17.02.05
You have to take a photo like this when you’re in England – you just have to! I promise this is my first ever one though 😉

My sister is starting university this year so we decided – after shopping – to go visit her university’s union. There are two universities where I live. I currently go to the university which has a bigger focus on sciences and medicine whereas my sister is going to go to the uni which has a wider range of more “arty” and “practical” subjects (if that makes sense, e.g fine arts, creative writing, sports etc). After being amazed by her university campus, I showed her mine – this was the first time I actually ever took her to my uni, which was exciting! I love showing people around places I know best (I may be a tour guide in the future, who knows 😉 )

Even though I did adore her uni campus, I prefer mine because it is a little further away from the town centre whereas her’s is right in the centre of the town centre – and so it’s quieter and much more GREENER. The following pictures are from one of the prettiest parks in the whole city and is right next to my uni so maybe that’s why I like it so much (I’m such a lazy ass) – it’s a place I’ve been visiting since I was little and just where I like to go to whenever I need to de-stress.

My hair is a mess (nothing out of the usual)
Most relaxing place, ever.

All in all, I had a lovely relaxing day with my sister and definitely feel much closer to her just by spending a few hours together doing something together. Here’s a picture of her:

Twins but not really 😉

I understand why a lot of people don’t think we look are related but we are! She’s 15 minutes older than me, fun fact-o. Regardless of our distance and our constant arguments, we are sisters and we put up with each other no matter what (apart from when she borrows my stuff and never puts it back, that when I can’t *cough*) sorta like the title. (A covalent bond is a strong chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.)

Would you prefer your university closer to or further away from the town centre? Are you close with your siblings?

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  1. That’s interesting that you have a twin that isn’t identical! I’m glad you were able to take some time off and spend it with her 🙂 It sounds like you guys had a fun day together. That’s also nice that she’s able to take photos of you for your blog. That’s something I struggle with since I’m normally the photographer, haha. I end up setting up a tripod with a remote shutter.

    Love your outfit though! I especially like your cardigan and skirt 🙂

    Right now, I like being away from the busy city areas, but when I was in college, I actually kind of liked it. It made things more convenient since I didn’t have to drive too much!

    1. Yeah, I’m thankful she’s there seeing as it’d be really hard to take full length photos of myself alone 😉

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

      Ah, I see your point – its where all the food is at!

  2. Omg, you have a twin sister! New info alert! Aw, am glad you got to spend some time with Gemmalyn. I’m super excited for November because my sister and I are off to Paris, and it’ll be nice to rebond with her because we’re always so busy with work or school.

    I love your outfit, and your sister is an awesome photographer 🙂 That cardigan is life! Have you seen the cheeky Nandos song? Oh. My. God. That is all >

    What a pretty place you live!

    Well, my university was in right in the middle of town centre and I didn’t mind. It just made things easier to get to, like the shops and student union and most importantly… the clubs. Kakaka.

    I’m quite close to my sister despite there being 7 years between us. She’s getting older though, so that makes me vom and we’re not as close as we used to be but guess that’s to be expected as you get older.

    1. Oh my gosh Chynna! I hope theres a future blog post about Paris – I went there last summer and absolutely loved it!! 😀


      I don’t actually go clubbing much T_T

  3. Lovely article !!

    FB: The Classic V
    Insta: theclassicv

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

  4. I’ve always wanted to have a sister but having one that you can grow up with must be really good! It sounds like you had really good time. I like your outfit, it looks really pretty! xx

    1. Thanks Ela! Aw, yeah – I love growing up with my sister, there was never a dull day 😉

  5. I’ve heard of non identical twins before. It isn’t so common but even so, it’s great to know that you two are so close despite not looking alike. Sometimes you don’t need to be the stereotypical twin set that has to dress the same, and I’m glad. You guys are your own person and that’s what counts.

    Congrats on your sister going to uni! Or college as we call it in the States. I wish I was close to my little brother, but oh well.

    1. Yeah we are, thanks Michelle! We are similar but different in every way possible from fashion sense to personality!

  6. You guys certainly don’t look like twins, and I am sure you get that all the time. That’s pretty cool! Your sister takes beautiful photographs! What camera does she use? Apparently, I’m not really all that photogenic like I thought I was. I also don’t really have that great of a fashion sense. I guess that’s what I get for being raised by men (long story)? I’m still trying to figure out what fashion looks good on me and what doesn’t. I love your outfit though. Believe it or not, I wanted to be a photographer, and I was waiting the day that the Art Institute would have that as a major. I wanted to open a business were I would take pictures of those people who thought they weren’t pretty i.e. disabled kids and tell them otherwise. Though, I was told it wouldn’t do good in the business world, and I think it’s already been done. So, I went back to my first love of web-designing and web developing. Which at the moment I am currently working towards a certificate in web development. :).

    That’s a pretty interesting name. You don’t really hear Gemmalyn any more or any names like that. She definitely has a unique name! I’m jealous! Haha!

    1. Her name is actually quite common in the Philippines, but in a list of “most-common-names” it’d probably not make an appearance 😛

      She actually uses Nikon right now, but it recently broke – she’s hoping to get a new one soon. The photos taken here were taken by my S6 (amazing quality, sometimes!)

      Yeah, I’ve heard that before – but to me, it’s always something you’re happy with, just choose the career path you want because you think it’s good for you and your personal growth!

  7. (Hi, first time dropping here :D)

    It’s cool that you had a lot of fun with your sister! Spending time between siblings is something important 🙂 I truly think that getting along with your siblings is a blessing and it makes me feel sad when people don’t 🙁

    I have a younger sister (we’re 2 years apart, born on the same day but not the same year lol) and people also think we’re not related at all when they look at us haha! We seem quite different, my sister has always been quite tomboyish and shy while I was really girly but more outgoing, but we’ve always been close. I do think she’s the person who knows me the best and understands me the best, and vice versa.

    I think I prefer to be in an university that’s closer to city center because there’s so much to do when you’re bored! But sometimes it’s not bad to have some peace, I guess.

    1. Hey there Delphine! Welcome to my blog 😀

      It also makes me sad when siblings don’t get along and further down their lives just cut contact – it’s awful since you grew up with them and they’re you’re family!

      That’s pretty cool that you were born the same day but not year as your sister, thats probably a first I’ve ever heard of that occurrence! Thats super awesome :3 I’m pretty much the same – my sister is the shy one and I’m the louder one 😉

  8. That is so amazing to learn you have a twin not identical sister, Pauline. You both are looking beautiful! Please tell her she did an amazing job taking your OOTD pics. I always asks my hubby to do it (sometimes they are good, sometimes quite the opposite lol).
    My Uni campus was not in the city centre but not in the outskirts as well so it was handy. The area around it wasn’t very green though but I didn’t mind it too much. Especially at the college in New York. I don’t have any siblings but I consider my brother in law and sister in law my siblings now. They are amazing and we are in touch pretty much every day.
    So nice you got to spend time together with your sis and got to catch up <3
    xox Nadia

    1. Wow! At New York? That is a dream!!

      I will tell her sweetie, thank you for such kind words <3 They definitely do count as siblings 😉


  9. I’ve always wanted a twin! haha. Instant bestfriend, if you know what I mean :)))

    I’m close with my siblings but sometimes I have to blackmail them just get my photos taken hahaha

    1. Haha, I definitely understand what you mean! It’s like your forever-best friend 😉

  10. That is really good that you could spend some time together. Even if you are different in a number of ways, I am sure you still appreciate being together as well. 😀

    I really love the photos and learning about you and your twin. 😀

    I study online, so it doesn’t worry me too much where the uni is. I am also an only child, so I don’t have any siblings.

    1. Thats super awesome that you study online – sounds like a dream to me!

  11. Aww it’s lovely that you got to spend some time with your sister. She’s a great photographer.

    There are three main universities in my city, but I managed to pick the one that’s miles away in the middle of nowhere. I think I liked it more because of that though – we were away from all the studenty things which was quite good. Getting there was always a pain though, because I didn’t live on campus.

    Your uni looks very nice – hope you’re enjoying it there.

    I’m close with my sister too. Strangely, everyone used to think we were twins, even though we’re not. Guess we must look alike, hahah.

    Glad you had a nice day!

    1. Wow, three universities?! I thought two was a lot 😛 I do love the quieter places much more.

      Haha, Amy! Seems like the opposite thing for me 😉

  12. I’ve never met anyone who is a fraternal twin, and you probably get this a lot, but that is SO COOL. It’s like you share that special bond but at the same time people don’t go ‘ah you guys are just twins’. It’s kinda special, hehe. O:)

    I only have one younger brother so we aren’t too close. As in, he probably wouldn’t want to take photos of me. You know you can be comfortable with someone when you can ask them that and you feel A-OK! It takes some time to get used to being in front of the camera – my Fashion Friday posts used to be done by me, setting up a camera in my room. You get used to posing. Even now I think I am posing way too hard, but when you see the photos they look alright. I like when Nick takes my photos because he takes a lot of candid ones and I just feel more comfortable. So Gemmalyn catching you off-guard means she’s a good photographer trying to get the most natural shot 🙂

    I love the one with the phone booth! 😀

    My university was right in the middle of the city so it was one of the more boring, structural universities. I didn’t mind it, but other universities were nicer. We didn’t have much of a campus since our buildings were scattered across the city. Other universities in Sydney are all on one giant block of land, so they are easier to navigate, too. You’re lucky you went to a rather nice one 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I do get it a lot but I get the “NO WAY YOURE TOTES LYING RIGHT NOW!!” more often than the “OMG THATS SO COOL!!” 😛

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