50inTech: 50% of Women in Tech by 2050

Happy February, folks! I’m very excited to be collaborating with 50inTech for today’s blog post. 

What is 50inTech?

50inTech is a new community for women in technology. 

Their mission is to close the gender gap in technology and level the playing field. They aim for “a 50% representation of women in tech by 2050.” Backed by a team of passionate changemakers, 50inTech has created a unique space for women to connect and learn from each other, enabling them to accelerate their careers. After all, it is a known fact that more inclusion in tech brings progress and innovation. 

50inTech - meet ambitious women in tech
50inTech – meet ambitious women in tech

Are you ready to join a community of women accelerating their careers in tech? 

Head over to their website and sign up. Psst…it’s completely free, which is fantastic for the number of resources, connections, and opportunity there on the website. 

What to expect from the 50intech community
What to expect from the 50intech community

What can you expect from 50inTech?

Once you’ve set up your profile highlighting your experience, what you can offer to others and what you’re hoping to get out of joining the community, you’ll get to your main landing page that has several exciting opportunities to get stuck in straight away. 

⭐️ Connect 

This is where you’re matched with folks that match your interests and skills. Get connecting and learning from others! 

💻 Companies & Jobs

Are you looking for your first role in tech or perhaps a new challenge? 50inTech have vetted companies for you to explore and apply to unlock your potential! Companies that are on there right now include Slack, Scaleway, Strapi and more. A neat feature of this has been a recommendation from the 50inTech team about each company. A trusted recommendation always goes a long way. 😊

So many opportunities!
So many opportunities!

🗓 Events 

Another way to learn and build your network is through events! There are already some fantastic upcoming events and replays that you can browse through in your own time. Some events that personally caught my eye (and that are available for replay) are: “How to keep learning and growing every day” and “Time to Manage your well-being.”  

✨ Get Inspired

This section of the platform contains a series of blog posts from community members sharing to inspire. Examples of what to expect are stories and insights on:

  • Getting into technology
  • Switching to different roles in tech, e.g. from a web developer to a Cloud Architect! 
  • Ensuring algorithms are not biased.
  • Ending the gender pay gap
  • Overcoming mindset blocks
  • And more!
Get your inspiration top-up!
Get your inspiration top-up!

🗣 Discuss

Have a question or something that you want to discuss? Drop them in this part! This discussion board is a fantastic way to connect with other community members and spark discussions on everything and anything that you want. It’s a safe space that is there for everyone. 💜


Do you love listening to podcasts as much as I do? (I find them great to listen to on a walk or whilst I’m doing chores around the house. 😂) There are several incredible podcasts by leaders in the industry, sharing so many valuable insights. 

⛺️”What I Really Really Want” Bootcamp

The 50inTech Bootcamp is probably one of my favourite parts of the platform.

“The What I Really Really Want Bootcamp is an online programme on negotiation designed by 50inTech for women in tech. Transform your skills, experiences and abilities to launch a new era in your career!

Tired of not getting paid your worth, of getting bypassed for promotion?

Want to end the gender pay gap?

It’s time you take matters in your own hands, and we’re here to help.

Train to negotiate that better salary, that raise or promotion with international experts in business coaching, education, human resources, law, storytelling… and even with a former percussionist for the Spice Girls (if you can guess who)!” 

Negotiate like a boss
Negotiate like a boss

The Bootcamp so far has been amazing! I’m excited to continue the going through it; I already feel inspired and empowered to get what I really, really want. 😉

The catalyst in my career journey: Community

Pretty exciting, huh? You may be thinking, why I love what communities like 50inTech are doing so much. 

I’ve been working in tech for over two years now, but my passion for all things tech started back when I was only eight years old. Undoubtedly, there have been challenges along the way as I tried to get my foot in the door coming from a Biomedical Sciences background. But one thing that has been a consistently positive force in my journey is community. 

You can listen to my short 3-minute talk about how important communities are in my journey here. I might sound like a broken record to those that have followed me for a while, but it’s true! The communities and my network around me have been the most valuable part of my tech journey. The skills, knowledge, insights, resources, advice have all been priceless. I wouldn’t be in my second tech job right now, happy and thriving without the people that have lifted me along the way!

After one of my talks to the Women in Tech community
After one of my talks to the Women in Tech community

My main advice to those thinking about starting a tech career has always been first and foremost: get involved in communities. Connect and learn from people in the industry. It has been the best way to get a real grasp of what working in tech is like and to meet some incredibly talented and passionate folks too! There is space for everybody here.

Get started and sign up to join a growing community of Women in Technology. I’ll see you there!

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